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Artworks - Personal

Series of illustrations and type design realized for a local craft brewery in Milan (Alma).

The main theme was anthropomorphic animals / tropical species.

The mood and setting of each carachter reflects the type of the beer they’re representing.

Artwork realized on a 167x105cm wooden backboard permanently displayed at the new Nike Jordan Store in Milan.

The piece encloses cultural and historical symbols of the city of Milan mixed with basketball elements/aesthetic.

Digital artwork printed on a limited edition collection of shirts and hoodies.

The shattered glass references the ’85 game played by Jordan in Italy where he famously broke the backboard down into pieces after a dunk.

Eric Dolphy, American jazz saxophonist

‘Lost Boys’.  Artwork realized for NABA’s publication: “Might Something Like This Do?”.  The theme of the article is ‘uchrony’ (alternative history)


‘Déjà vu’

realized for Fondazione Feltrinelli part of the exhibit “The Unaware Progress - the social effects of idustrial revolutions”.

︎︎︎ Published in the “Tomorrow’s Talent Vol. II Book” by Booooooom

Double spread published by Pantheon Issue 1: Carne. The concept I had to visualize was the conflict between bodies, fight, violence/relationship between predator and prey


Illustration realized for a Yakuza inspired fashion collection.