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Editorial illustration STEFANO SUMMO ©

Illustrations for
the French cinema magazine La Septième Obsession.

Hong Kong Martial Arts. ↑

The article focuses on the different approach to martial arts in
Hong Kong and Japan cinema.

Japan Swordfighting Tecniques. ↑
Cover and article’s illustrations for The Investigative Reporters & Editors Journal.  The theme of the Issue is war, more specifically how journalists can handle the trauma of covering war.

Published by L’Espresso.
“Managers, killers, descendants.
Exiled Mafia families are back In the reign of Messina Denaro (Sicilian crime boss) and investing in the business of renewable energy.“

12 spot illustrations realized for the indipendent cinema magazine Little White Lies.  The feature is a list of the top 50 films made from completely original intellectual property.
In The Mood for Love (2000), Parasite (2019), Get Out (2017), Eden (2014), Ginger Snaps (2000), Yi Yi (2000), Le Quattro Volte (2010), Dogville (2003), Tabu (2012), A Serious Man (2009), Caché (2006), Lost In Translation (2003).

Portaits of three of the most iconic contemporary Japanese fashion designers: Yohji YamamotoJunya Watanabe & Sk8thig.

Turano - Josephine, Jake La Furia - J Lord, Barbero - Levante, Aboubakar - Gaia. Mace - Night Skinny, Saviano - Yotobi, Pif - Bellotti, Vera Gheno - Sio, Madame - Bignardi.
Series of portraits realized for Lavazza to promote Basement Café 2021, the Youtube interview format created in collaboration with Esse magazine.

The article talks about Giuseppe Prezioso, inventor of the typewriter used by Hemingway and Steinbeck.
Published by L’Espresso.

How streaming platforms have changed the art of screenwriting.
Published by L’Espresso.

Double-page illustration published in Jacobin Italia n.9, article on the problems of the current education system.

Illustrations realized for Sutor Mantellassi to promote the brand during Christmas time.
Marcello Mastroianni portrayed as he was an important testimonial in the 60s.

Illustration realized for Esse magazine.
Interview with Tedua on his new mixtape “Vita Vera”, heavily influenced by Dante’s Divina Commedia.

Read a book.


A study has shown that AI systems used to identify emotions consistently read black people’s faces as angrier than white people’s, regardless of the person’s expression.

Emis Killa, Lazza, Massimo Pericolo, F. Barra, Tedua, Camihawke, Achille Lauro, Gad Lerner, M. Murgia, Myss Keta, Jorit, P. Nespoli, F. Michielin.
Series of portraits realized for Lavazza to promote Basement Café 2020, the Youtube interview format created in collaboration with Esse magazine.

Illustration realized for Esse magazine.
“How Eminem conquered black music (and white privilege) with ‘The Marshall Mathers LP”.

Published by La Repubblica in the special on BookCity Milano.
The article focuses on the best contemporary noir authors.

Interview with the Myanmarese athlete Pyae Lyan Aung. While in Japan for the World Cup qualifiers he flashed a three-fingered salute (sign of resistance against the military coup d’état in his home country). Japan decided to grant him asylum despite its notoriously unwelcoming immigration system.
Published by SHUKYU magazine.

hate speech, violence and fake news.

Illustration published by the French independent cinema magazine La Septième Obsession, the article focuses on the role played by architecture in Michael Mann’s filmography.

The article talks about talks about a young A.S. Roma player, that flee from his home country (Gambia) on an inflatable boat to become a professional football player. Published by L’Espresso.

Police brutality.

12 page comic realized for Warner Music and published in PLAZA the magazine sold with the new album of the Italian rapper Capo Plaza.

Fabri Fibra, Gué Pequeno, Noyz Narcos.
Portraits of three italian hip-hop icons published in PLAZA the magazine.

5 illustrations realized for Warner Music to promote the album PLAZA on social media.

Illustration for Futura (Corriere della Sera). 
The secret stories behind Monumental cemeteries gravestones.

Illustration realized for Esse magazine.
The article explores the advantages of not signing a major label record deal and stay indipendent.

Illustration published by LiBeR magazine.
“Narrations that allow kids to question the world around them”.